Eternal time


Following years of experiments in wave genetics, quantum physics and biology in a closed Krasnoyarsk laboratory, a team of devoted scientists managed to remotely regulate processes occurring in wildlife and living organisms. The innovative technology was named Noosvyaz’, in tribute to the noosphere - a concept developed by the eminent Russian scientist and cosmist V.I. Vernadsky. The noosphere is a universal communication phenomenon that permeates and links everything in the universe. The scientists discovered a code to “regulate” the communicational functions of the noosphere. With the aid of an instantaneous remote wireless signal, it became possible to connect the causal links of events and phenomena, to turn back the biological clock and prolong life, to restore lost chromosomes and genetic memory and to change the weather and qualities of substances.

In my performance, I turn the minute hand of a clock back many hours, moving them with each minute, at the sound of the signal. A circle is outlined before the dial. Upon entering it, viewers find themselves in a remote active noosignal zone that triggers personal memories - the movement of the hand by one minute is equal to one year of life. A longer presence in the signal zone can trigger memories dating back to the person’s birth.

Performance created jointly with the Krasnoyarsk Scientific-experimental laboratory “Noosvyaz””


© Elena Kovylina, 2003-2008