In the performance "Nooconnection" the audience was able to literally see the world through my eyes, "try on" my information field itself.
Around every person there is an information field which contains all the information about the identity (i.e. the totality of the developed habits and preferences, attitude and mental tonus, sociocultural experience and acquired knowledge, a set of psychophysical characteristics of a person that define the daily behavior and relationship with society and nature, etc.). With the help of modern technologies it has become possible not only to read the information matrix of the individual, but also to transport it to another human being. Thanks to my colleagues, scientists from Krasnoyarsk experimental lab Neonazi, reality from sci-Fi movies became a part of the direct experience of performance.
The performance was attended by all comers.
The main and most important part of the performance was carried out by the laboratory Nooconnection from Krasnoyarsk. The participants of the performance have been able to enter my information field, get a feel for my personality as if they were me. Someone was browsing the speed of light pictures out of my life, someone fell into a trance in which I reside is almost always ( reason why I can't learn to drive a car), someone saw the images of my performances, and one of the girls sounded in my head song in German...


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