This specific new woman, with no resemblance to someone else, has always existed between - or even within - millions women of the past who, perhaps, could only express them during the nighttime when baby care and housekeeping was over for a little time - right until the next day comes. An innovative potential of a female was depressed and never found its application in the society due to traditional roles prescribed, which order prevailed.


A woman with education for centuries remained a rare phenomenon, too.

A woman wearing a mantle of a master is a clear sign of her good education.

This is, though, a figure of the Newest Times. One like her would have been burned centuries ago.

Women of all times have always kept homes, taking care of the heath and comfort.

Whereas fire symbolizes hearth, it simultaneously means certain renewal and cleansing.

But the same fire had seen progressive women of all times those who were considered witches.
Multidimensionality of fire, taken as a symbol, is just as beautiful as the one of a female.

In my performance, fire is being used as a sign of regeneration and transformation of some old traditional roles into unknown and creative new ones. No one is hurt by the ritual fire of my action. Values of a new epoch with the central point given to a female, is being manifested.


© Elena Kovylina, 2003-2008