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2011-01-11 - Exhibition Statement: I advocate feminism Kultur Kontakt Austria Wien

Who is feminist today?

As it happens with every notion scandalized in the mass media, feminism was torn to vulgar pieces, cliche and manifests instead of being deeply discussed and understood in the due time.
Historically, if a talk of women springs up then men are its point of departure.
 And thinking about it, ordinary mind would picture an image of a man hater, the one of a woman who doesn't have passion for men and is not willing to attract them.
 Another image (of a feminist) will be of inaccessable lady that gives men odds and laughs at them while being sexually desired. 

So what does feminist look forward to?

1) to be not lesser than men are, i.e. earn no lesser their livelihood OR

2) not to be for men, i.e. not to play a role of their bedding and culinary fantasies OR

3) to be not like men, i.e. completely out of touch with the wrong gender dichotomy and to realize an everyday event of female existence OR...

 The problem is also that feminism has become some quasi-scientific notion cherished by a community of women, sometimes lesbians, sometimes not beautiful enough and by that inclined to declaring eternal 'no' towards all men.
And then older ladyfriends will call you a feminist to encourage once you become a smoker that travels for conferences all over the world.

 Dramatically, the very term (if not phenomenon behind it) was taken away bit by bit and removed part by part to then become a mixture of scraps: sex, knowledge, victim syndrome along with subject / object distinction shaken up in a cocktail similar to 'punk', 'foreigner', or 'leader'.
Another hummock in a mass media bog.


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