Human Unconscious

2007-12-14 - exhibition „24 Solo“. Performance – Museion Bozen (Italy) Museum of modern and contemporary art

When looking at the modern life as it goes all around, a gap between the history of culture and the modern expression of culture could be easily noticed.
The cultural history which is mainly found in museums, becomes no more than the other surface which main role in life is to attract tourists.
This summer I went for the first time in my life to Bolzano (Bozen - in German), a typical European city that has unique history. The principal object of local archeology and, and the same time, the number one entertaining historical figure of the city is, for years, this Snowman: a mummy someday found here and taken into the museum.
During the performance I dressed in a costume by Prada and having taken anesthesia - right alike the Snowman named Otzi - lie inside a glass cube for twenty four hours successively.

While consumerism, relax, and entertaining attitude to the life
are those values common to see, I acted a contemporary human being, somewhat sleeping permanently inside a glossy sarcophagus of culture.


© Elena Kovylina, 2003-2008