Kovylina Action Art Gallery

2006-05-30 - Art Athina 2007, Athens, Greece

Being an artist I do paticipate to an art fair - which might be any of the many - with my personal stand: the Kovylina Action Gallery one.
Basically, my gallery works with no artists. There is nothing exposed at my stand except just a photo portrait of the gallerist (myself) made as a lightbox of 2 x 3 metres. The lightbox itself is not an art piece, but the entire construction, in which it becomes a component of the artistic gesture as a whole. Some visitors are about to notice that the gallerist and a person on the lightbox are the same ones. This way, some spectators are perplexed with their impresson: who is, in the end, in front of them: a galleist, artist, model, or photographer?
The others, less attentive, just see the lightbox as an average object within the line of the rest those on fair. The glamorous image of a woman beautiful, that all the people no doubt do admire at, looks somewhat very commercial.
The light box is on sale together with the video documentation of the performance.
In this work, the conditions of quality of the art market are questioned.


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