The Medal

2003-07-14 - The performance, the exhibition ‘Berlin-Berlin’: russian artists living in Berlin – The Ministry of the Foreigh Affairs, Berlin

All exhibitions which are organized on the basis of national identity make me think of my own cultural identity, and also understand the relationship between two countries.

I do think that the main factor which actually links two nations – Russian and German people - was the experience of the Second World War. Just to give a precise image of the process, this means somehow fraternization, blood relationship.

I pin the “Medal for Capture of Berlin” on my own body.
This is a very famous medal made in 1945 in Soviet Union.
So it becomes an almost invisible element of my decollete.
During the whole opening I’m talking to people, walking around inside the gallery, drinking wine, etc.
Somebody did not even notice my adornment at least.
Anyhow, I guess it looked so naturally!


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