Madonna with Jewels

2003-08-25 - Berlin

I look into a mirror and then at the icon “Madonna with Jewels”.
I am adorned the same way as the icon.
Then I take my jewelry off.

The performance “Madonna with Jewel” is basically about beauty.
More precisely, it is about some kind of cultural duality within the perception of beauty.
The icon, taken from ’1V ŮŚntury from Cologne, belongs to the times when
female beauty was sublimated in the religious cult.
It was prohibited for a woman to look into a mirror, to use cosmetics.
Normally women’s faces were colourless with sunken cheeks, etc.
A face, brightly made up, considered a sin.

This way in my performance the icon and the mirror are somehow similar objects.
You can change your point of view depending on what I’m doing it that moment.


© Elena Kovylina, 2003-2008