The kidnapping of one assistant

2003-12-01 - The action, "Art&Crime" festival (with the participation of Petr Bystrov, Aleksander Korneev, Bernd von den Brincken, David Ter-Oganjan) The Hebbel-theatre, Berlin


What does it mean - Art and Crime?

This phrase somehow provokes an artist to show the identities and differencies between two these conceptions.
How do the idea of the art and crime links between each other? Could they anyhow mean the same?
So what an artist is basically able to do: to illustrate the idea of a crime, to go for the crime propep or maybe to refuse working with such a concept? Actually, the artist is not someone who illustrates or decorates.
That means we have to go ahead with a real crime.  

The clou of any crime (the curators intends to demonstrate different points of view inviting a lot of particapants) is a concentration of some will (both of destructive and vital) which changes a normal being of things.
We decide for commiting a crime. We get the idea to kidnap somebody.
This will be an assistant, a girl from the Hebbel-theatre. It's just her job - helping with organizing some art projects:


Lately we all can observe somehow banalization of the criminal world. The criminals thinks seldom about the form, logic and scenario of their acts. Only the geniuses have a will-power to carry out any maniacal experience.
 The act of a crime is absolutely non-representative. It doesn't speak about any other thing, but itself. 
We are commiting something unnecessary, something what isn't wanted here.
Isn't it the aim? Are we not right, thinking about the meaning of the words "to commit a crime" ?
Apart from the illustrativeness, irony and metaphors of all kinds and manners: must be something produced which is not possible to comment "very nice" or "oh, that's so funny".
We put the girl into a car. Or, we should say, we offer her to seat into a car so that means she does it on her own free will. We ask her to ride a bit together with us. She's just an assistant, so now she has to see something and then discuss it with us. Two men bursts into our car on our way to somewhere. They are dressed in wigs and goggles. So that is a kidnapping, you know? We're just taking her away.
Where do we ride? Is it funny or not?
:Yes, we do not kill her. But, isn't it quite enough what we already have done? We take her to a forest not far from Potsdam without any concrete plan in our heads. We do not laugh. We just leave her in a forest, so let it be THE CRIME.


© Elena Kovylina, 2003-2008