Salzburg, Austria

2004-07-06 - Salzburg, Austria

Selling love for money – it is interesting for me to understand…

At the same time I am much interested in perceiving some unwritten laws of the criminal world. Selling love for money – the proper phenomenon is so hard to grasp. A woman, who stays on the street and looking for a car could be hardly recognized as a prostitute. You must proof, at the least, that she has her money from sex. Before you notify this definitely, you know nothing about who she really is.

But you never can see the moment of handing money. There is a law, quite secret but strict, which regulates relations within “selling love” situation: money must be paid before sex.
It’s funny to understand that the whole illegal situation has absolutely indisputable inner rules.
It is also interesting to break it out.

Project description.
I’m going to dress myself as a prostitution and walk around Red Lights Street in Salzburg, Austria. Then to deal with a ‘customer’, and following the rule, to get first money.
Aftet this, when we are already at the hotel, I give him an invitation to my exhibition instead of sex. Am I not a prostitute? And so I invite my client to the presentation of “Moral inspection” project. This is he can come and when there are public around, I will call his name and give back his money then.


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