2002-06-26 - The performance MAK Museum, Vienna

I got the idea to make such a performance immediately after the 9-11 events.
I was always interested in discussions concerning cultural and political distinstions between the East and the West. Incidentally, this always was the main topic for russian philosophers. The 9-11 events have intensified this particularly.
I installed a shooting-gallery with two different walls for the targets.
On the left you can find some important symbols of Western and American culture.
On the right –targets with islamic symbols.
Every visitor gets a gun with only a bullet in it. He has to choose by himself, where to shoot.
During the performance I ride a bicycle in the area between the targets and the audience.
I look directly in their eyes.
Some shoot at the right, others at the left, some bullets hit me.
But every one is free not to shoot…


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