Un cri dans le silence

2009-03-17 - Performance, posters, videoinstallation Sharjah biennial

A famous movie star of our very epoch, Brigitte Bardot, had recently been widely criticized and even accused of nationalism after having made a series of extremist utterances on the Islamic expansion within Europe.

She also abused homosexuals and whatever ‘minor’ communities, which, according to her, put the classic French culture - the one of her own - on danger.

Still, female characters created by Bardot remain for lots of us a model of social behavior, finest eroticism and woman’s self-representation.

In my project, I recreate a number of most known ad posters that highlight widely recognized character embodied by Bardot. Instead the original slogans I paste some sentences from Bardot’s recent monograph ‘ Un cri dans le silence ‘, full of nationalistic and extremist statements. 
In this way, I confront the two sorts of extremism both ever performed by Bardot – the shocking sexual appearances iof hers (in the movies earlier in decades) and her newest social self-expression, which are so that she’s still up for somewhat intolerable behavior.

However, this first sort of non-conformity has made her a high standard of the epoch, whereas what she does now is placing her among non grata figures of the time.


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