The kidnapping of one assistant

2003-12-01 - The action, "Art&Crime" festival (with the participation of Petr Bystrov, Aleksander Korneev, Bernd von den Brincken, David Ter-Oganjan) The Hebbel-theatre, Berlin


What does it mean - Art and Crime?

This phrase somehow provokes an artist to show the identities and differencies between two these conceptions.
How do the idea of the art and crime links between each other? Could they anyhow mean the same?
So what an artist is basically able to do: to illustrate the idea of a crime, to go for the crime propep or maybe to refuse working with such a concept? Actually, the artist is not someone who illustrates or decorates.
That means we have to go ahead with a real crime.  

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Madonna with Jewels

2003-08-25 - Berlin

I look into a mirror and then at the icon “Madonna with Jewels”.
I am adorned the same way as the icon.
Then I take my jewelry off.

The performance “Madonna with Jewel” is basically about beauty.
More precisely, it is about some kind of cultural duality within the perception of beauty.
The icon, taken from 1V ntury from Cologne, belongs to the times when
female beauty was sublimated in the religious cult.
It was prohibited for a woman to look into a mirror, to use cosmetics.
Normally women’s faces were colourless with sunken cheeks, etc.
A face, brightly made up, considered a sin.

This way in my performance the icon and the mirror are somehow similar objects.
You can change your point of view depending on what I’m doing it that moment.

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The Medal

2003-07-14 - The performance, the exhibition Berlin-Berlin: russian artists living in Berlin The Ministry of the Foreigh Affairs, Berlin

All exhibitions which are organized on the basis of national identity make me think of my own cultural identity, and also understand the relationship between two countries.

I do think that the main factor which actually links two nations – Russian and German people - was the experience of the Second World War. Just to give a precise image of the process, this means somehow fraternization, blood relationship.

I pin the “Medal for Capture of Berlin” on my own body.
This is a very famous medal made in 1945 in Soviet Union.
So it becomes an almost invisible element of my decollete.
During the whole opening I’m talking to people, walking around inside the gallery, drinking wine, etc.
Somebody did not even notice my adornment at least.
Anyhow, I guess it looked so naturally!

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2003-06-26 - Photographs, object, sound. Prague Biennale 1, Curated by E. Lazareva

Contemporary art is per definitionem international, though the artist’s origin still has significance. National identity, consciously or subconsciously appearing through homogeneous traits, is one of its main aspects, as are personal peculiarities, which underline the unique nature of the artwork. At the same time the national identity often becomes the subject of political speculation and the “small change” for art-market specialists.
The Domophone explores the theme of multicultural integration and the place of nations within the international context. Like most of the emigrants in Berlin from the Soviet and post-Soviet Russia (about 300,000 of Berlin population of 3.5 million) I have to redefine my own national identity not only as Russian but as post-Soviet as well.

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Open repetition of "Theatre of the homeless youth"

2003-04-26 - photo by G. Pervov Art-Moscow 2003, gallery Paula Bttcher

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