2011-09-17 - Perofmance festival 9 DAYS, parallel program of the fourth Moscow Biennale – SOLYANKA STATE GALLERY, Moscow

During her nine-day performance, artist Elena Kovylina intends to test some of the practical techniques aimed at achieving immortality.

Today the special methods used in ancient and modern studies, offering the achievement of aforementioned objectives, can be found in abundance in bookstores in sections such as "Mystery and the unknown," "Spiritual," "The path to one’s self," and so on.

This is not only an exercise of eye revival, but also the meditation of Merkabah, the exotic types of yoga, the Holotropic Breathwork, lucid dreaming, and much more.

Even if the artist will not be able to disappear, having become a flash of light, like the Prophet Elijah, she will at least try to look beyond the physical dimension.

Each day will be devoted to another practice. The public will be informed on the day of the performance.

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Red Pomegranates

2011-01-11 - Exhibition Statement: I advocate feminism – Kultur Kontakt Austria Wien

Who is feminist today?

As it happens with every notion scandalized in the mass media, feminism was torn to vulgar pieces, cliche and manifests instead of being deeply discussed and understood in the due time.
Historically, if a talk of women springs up then men are its point of departure.
 And thinking about it, ordinary mind would picture an image of a man hater, the one of a woman who doesn't have passion for men and is not willing to attract them.
 Another image (of a feminist) will be of inaccessable lady that gives men odds and laughs at them while being sexually desired. 

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