2009-11-09 - Analix Forever gallery, Geneva

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Vous voulez un cafe? ou Feu le monde bourgeois

2009-08-14 - Analix Forever gallery, Geneva

Nice summer afternoon along the Arquebuse street in Geneva and a beautiful table is being laid at the hands of Elena Kovylina who this time be rather recognized a hostess than an actionist while decorating tarts and pastries to then sit down calmly with some guests called together from the audience gathered around. 

Those in the audience await for an action which follows hardly from out ceremonious atmosphere of a sort.

Being offered sweets and coffee (...vous voulez un cafe?..), seeing candles lightened the table, one would not expect tablecloth to blaze up so that entire pastime turning into fire. But watching Elena was not even confused, her guests would manage sitting long over their tea and... enjoy it as long as moved back their chairs just a little bit.

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