The Fist


The plot is dedicated to the figure of Petr Nikolaevitch Bystrov, a Soviet Army guard colonel. It depicts an episode from his life at the front during the Great Patriotic War. Once given a dispatch at his very hands, he had to make it through a treeless field to reach the staff. 

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Vous voulez un cafe? ou Feu le monde bourgeois

2012-07-30 - Moscow Region, Club Pride

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Russia: a swaddled soul

2012-04-26 - Sankt PetersburgRizzordy Art Fondation, exhibition Happiness is a warm gun

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I appear as a Cariatide and stand still for an hour holding a Russian izba of a pink color over my shoulders. Cariatide is a mythical woman and also a figure that holds architectural part of the building.

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This specific new woman, with no resemblance to someone else, has always existed between - or even within - millions women of the past who, perhaps, could only express them during the nighttime when baby care and housekeeping was over for a little time - right until the next day comes. An innovative potential of a female was depressed and never found its application in the society due to traditional roles prescribed, which order prevailed.


A woman with education for centuries remained a rare phenomenon, too.

A woman wearing a mantle of a master is a clear sign of her good education.

This is, though, a figure of the Newest Times. One like her would have been burned centuries ago.

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