2003-06-26 - Photographs, object, sound. Prague Biennale 1, Curated by E. Lazareva

Contemporary art is per definitionem international, though the artist’s origin still has significance. National identity, consciously or subconsciously appearing through homogeneous traits, is one of its main aspects, as are personal peculiarities, which underline the unique nature of the artwork. At the same time the national identity often becomes the subject of political speculation and the “small change” for art-market specialists.
The Domophone explores the theme of multicultural integration and the place of nations within the international context. Like most of the emigrants in Berlin from the Soviet and post-Soviet Russia (about 300,000 of Berlin population of 3.5 million) I have to redefine my own national identity not only as Russian but as post-Soviet as well.

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Open repetition of "Theatre of the homeless youth"

2003-04-26 - photo by G. Pervov Art-Moscow 2003, gallery Paula Bttcher

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Theatre of the homeless youth

2003-02-25 - The performance Berliner Festspiele Berlin

Young homeless people from Moscow are talking from the stage about their everyday life.
The main "instrument of production" of homeless youth is their speech.
Endlessly retelling various stories, inventing every time new tales of all kinds and manners, they provoke fear, respect, sorrow, pity, sympathy for them.
Retelling it once and twice, they are somehow giving back different journalistic cliche, "terrible incidents", invented not by themselves. But this stories become part of their inner mythology.
It's impossible to understand and distinguish where truth and lies are.
But you shall be charmed listening to them, because every homeless child is talented social actor.
More precisely, he has to be such an actor. To get his everyday money. To stay within this community. Actually, we know almost nothing about their real life.
And all we hear from their side is in fact not evident. Who knows, maybe their selfrepresentation-stories are much distant from the truth, which nobody essentially know.

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