2006-03-10 - film project – MAK Schindler House, Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a town worldwide known as a place of the Hollywood.
The image of the Hollywood is the only thing that an average inhabitant of the Earth knows of LA.
Movies those coming out from the Hollywood provide utopias and myths towards and regarding the entire world, showing either cosmic or world wars or teaching of the meaning of life. There do exist some schemes – those aesthetical and informational - in the Hollywood, which are aimed to represent almost each phenomenon and aspect of life. The nature and the essence of cinema is the ideology, which canalize itself through aesthetics. However, those common senses given by the Hollywood are not always that objective. The images of heroes, for instance, are not always that realistic. The whole picture of life, including architectural views and interiors of the flats is sometimes totally fake, because scenarios are mostly based on tales and anecdotes.

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