Extreme rightleft

2001-06-22 - The performance Berlin, Hdk, Class of prof. Rebecca Horn, UdK, Berlin

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2001-02-12 - Ulitza OGI Gallery, Moscow

The commercial territory of a gallery is a special cultural context which I try to perceive ironically.

I built my ticket-office in the middle of a space surrounded by a lot of other artist’s artworks.

I spoke through a megaphone, I was busy advertising my own goods. At the same time I was selling special tickets only for the exhibition made by myself. When viewers buy them they were welcome to enter the same space in which they already were.

Everybody was free to buy or not to buy.
Anyhow, twenty two tickets were sold but no other article.

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Heroines from the East

2000-07-15 - mixed media, prints, video, sound installation (the project by Elena Kovylina and Anna Abazieva) Guelman Gallery, Moscow

This project is called “Heroines from the East”.

Here we are playing with stereotypes of Soviet Army’s policy of expansionism.

We disguise ourselves in military costumes. Then we draw something with Photoshop and… Now we are sitting on the Statue of Liberty’s head, afterwards we are rushing to the attack sitting naked on a tank muzzle.

This is a kind of feministic irony on totalitarian myths related to Soviet Russia.

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The glossy cover

2000-06-25 - Prints Art Forum Moscow

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A light lunch

2000-06-01 - Moscow

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