Red Pomegranates

2011-01-11 - Exhibition Statement: I advocate feminism – Kultur Kontakt Austria Wien

Who is feminist today?

As it happens with every notion scandalized in the mass media, feminism was torn to vulgar pieces, cliche and manifests instead of being deeply discussed and understood in the due time.
Historically, if a talk of women springs up then men are its point of departure.
 And thinking about it, ordinary mind would picture an image of a man hater, the one of a woman who doesn't have passion for men and is not willing to attract them.
 Another image (of a feminist) will be of inaccessable lady that gives men odds and laughs at them while being sexually desired. 

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Would you like a cup of coffee? Or burn the world of bourgeois

2010-09-08 - Center for contemporary culture CARAGE. Moscow

Photo of Artem Ziteneev

Would you like a cup of coffee? Or burn the world of bourgeois! by Elena Kovylina ELENA KOVYLINA Elena Kovylina and her performances are known for their irreconcilable radicalism. Her performance Would you like a cup of coffee? Or burn down the world of the bourgeois! brings together provocative political statements with radical artistic gesticulation. Kovylina invites viewers to join her at a refined tea party. After a few minutes of enjoying tea with the artist at her table, she unexpectedly sets the tablecloth on fire.

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2009-11-09 - Analix Forever gallery, Geneva

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Vous voulez un cafe? ou Feu le monde bourgeois

2009-08-14 - Analix Forever gallery, Geneva

Nice summer afternoon along the Arquebuse street in Geneva and a beautiful table is being laid at the hands of Elena Kovylina who this time be rather recognized a hostess than an actionist while decorating tarts and pastries to then sit down calmly with some guests called together from the audience gathered around. 

Those in the audience await for an action which follows hardly from out ceremonious atmosphere of a sort.

Being offered sweets and coffee (...vous voulez un cafe?..), seeing candles lightened the table, one would not expect tablecloth to blaze up so that entire pastime turning into fire. But watching Elena was not even confused, her guests would manage sitting long over their tea and... enjoy it as long as moved back their chairs just a little bit.

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2008-01-31 - Contemporary City Foundation, Moscow

Elena Kovylina’s present project is a brutal satire on democracy in Russian society today. The video-installation “Egalite” creates a clear image of the many double standards in post-Soviet society, developing the idea of the “Procrustean bed,” that is, a norm that will cause the individual unavoidable pain when he or she tries to fit in. The real difference is that today, you don’t “try to fit in:” instead, participation in contemporary society is an inevitability that has become impossible to avoid.

Deliberate social security, the declaration of rights and freedoms, and other slogans and formulas characteristic of Russian society are expressed with visual simplicity, and one might even say that they have gained a human face. But if “egalite” is a century-long project that has continued in Europe since the Enlightenment, its Russian version is very different after the fall of the Soviet Union. Illusory financial equality has been replaced with a so-called civic equality that has become no less utopian than its Soviet counterpart.

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