Un cri dans le silence

2009-03-17 - Performance, posters, videoinstallation Sharjah biennial

A famous movie star of our very epoch, Brigitte Bardot, had recently been widely criticized and even accused of nationalism after having made a series of extremist utterances on the Islamic expansion within Europe.

She also abused homosexuals and whatever ‘minor’ communities, which, according to her, put the classic French culture - the one of her own - on danger.

Still, female characters created by Bardot remain for lots of us a model of social behavior, finest eroticism and woman’s self-representation.

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2006-03-10 - film project MAK Schindler House, Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a town worldwide known as a place of the Hollywood.
The image of the Hollywood is the only thing that an average inhabitant of the Earth knows of LA.
Movies those coming out from the Hollywood provide utopias and myths towards and regarding the entire world, showing either cosmic or world wars or teaching of the meaning of life. There do exist some schemes – those aesthetical and informational - in the Hollywood, which are aimed to represent almost each phenomenon and aspect of life. The nature and the essence of cinema is the ideology, which canalize itself through aesthetics. However, those common senses given by the Hollywood are not always that objective. The images of heroes, for instance, are not always that realistic. The whole picture of life, including architectural views and interiors of the flats is sometimes totally fake, because scenarios are mostly based on tales and anecdotes.

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2004-05-26 - The photo-action, video Apex Art Gallery, New York

To enter the USA nowadays, as a Russian citizen I have to leave my fingerprints. This method of personal identification comes from criminology: in this manner criminals can be easily controlled. automatically a possible crime. Does it mean that everyone who wishes to visit the US is automatically considered a potential criminal/terrorist? What is the status of society of supervision in the modern world?
For Michel Foucault the Panopticum was a symbol for a society of supervision: an optimum architectural construction in which the supervisor can observe the prisoners unhindered. Thus one could sadly conclude today that Foucault’s terms can account for a modern developed society. Furthermore, the more prosperous the country, the more transparent the actions of its citizens, as one can see when comparing advanced capitalist countries like US or Switzerland to the less financially stable Russia or Latin America, where corruption may allow to escape social scrutiny.

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2003-06-26 - Photographs, object, sound. Prague Biennale 1, Curated by E. Lazareva

Contemporary art is per definitionem international, though the artist’s origin still has significance. National identity, consciously or subconsciously appearing through homogeneous traits, is one of its main aspects, as are personal peculiarities, which underline the unique nature of the artwork. At the same time the national identity often becomes the subject of political speculation and the “small change” for art-market specialists.
The Domophone explores the theme of multicultural integration and the place of nations within the international context. Like most of the emigrants in Berlin from the Soviet and post-Soviet Russia (about 300,000 of Berlin population of 3.5 million) I have to redefine my own national identity not only as Russian but as post-Soviet as well.

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Open repetition of "Theatre of the homeless youth"

2003-04-26 - photo by G. Pervov Art-Moscow 2003, gallery Paula Bttcher

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