(a) Action * (e) Solo show * (f) Film * (g) Group exhibition* (i) Installation * (p) Performance * (pr) Project

2008 (p)“The Appearance of ###### to the People”Exhibition MANSON, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg
19.04.2008 (e) Dyings swans, Rabouan Moussion gallery, Paris
04.04.2008 (f) Rabouan Moussion Gallery, ArtParis
25.01.2008 (e) Fond Contemporary city, Moscow
14.12.2007 (g)+(p) Solo24Ore, MUSEION, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Bolzano, Italy
22.11.2007 (p) Egalite, Space Electra , Paris
31.10.2007 (g)+(v) Exhibition Ueberleben, Program Gallery, Berlin
19.10.2007 (p)+(v) Exhibition Sots Art, La Maison Rouge, Paris
18.01.2007 9g)+(v) Exhibition “West-East”, Orel Art Gallery 
13.09.2007 (g) SWAY Gallery, Geneve, Swiss
31.05.2007 (p) Art Fair, Athens, Greece
30.05.2007 (v) Love after the cold war,video art fair LOOP, Play Gallery, Barselona
15.05.2007 (p) Exibition “Kommunalka”, Art fair Moscow, RU
26.04.2007 (v) “In the Presence of the Body”. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,Troy, NY,USA
14.04.2007 (v+ph) Solo schow, Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto, Canada
04.04.2007 (ph+v) Exhibition “Innovation”, NCCA Moscow, Moscow, RU
06.03.2007 (v) “Madonna the flowers”, Exhibition Katoptron, Museum Center at the Russian State University for Humanities, Moscow
03.03.2007 (pr) – “Love after the cold war” Exhibition Black Quadrate, ZDH, 2nd Moscow Biennale
02.03. 2007 (v)+(gr) Sots Art. Political Art in Russia and China, National Tretjakov gallery, 2nd Moscow Biennale
28.02.2007 (pr) +(gr) Petroliana, Contemporary Art Museum, 2nd Moscow Biennale
27.02.2007 (v) By Interaction, Lenin Museum, 2nd Moscow Biennale
23.02.2007 (pr)+(gr) Partners in Crime, Gallery MC, NY
02.2007 (pr) Pari Nadimi gallery, ARCO Madrid
02.12.2006 (pr) “Love after the cold war”, American Cultural Center, Moscow, RU
20.11.2006 (pr) Knoll Gallery, Budapecht, HU
10.11.2006 (v)+(gr) Museum of contamporary art, Monterrey, Mexico
10.11.2006 (pr_+(gr) Pari Nadimi gallery, ARTISSIMA, Turin 
28.09.2006 (p) “Festival RIAP 2006, Quebec, Canada
22.09. – 23.10.2006 (i) exhibition «Something about Power» South Karelia Art Museum, Lappenranta, Finland
16.09.2006 (f) European Cultural Parlament, Turku, Finland
08.06.2006 (p) +(g) Biennale of Sydney 2006, Australia
30.05.2006 (p) Festival “Wild Gift” Limehouse Town Hall “, London
23.03.2006 (f) FRAC Poitou-Charentes, Angouleme, France
23.03.2006 (v)+(p) “Russia redux #2”, Sidney Mishkin Gallery, Baruch College, City University of New York 
15.03.2006 (f) Ecole des Beaux Arts de Annecy, Annecy, France, 
11.03.2006 (pr)+(v) “Love after the cold war”, MAK Schindler House for Art and Architecture LA, USA
08.03.2006 (f) Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Lyon, France, 
02.03. 2006 (f) «Something about Power», Russian Video Art
Piano Nobile, Geneva, 
20.01.2006 (v)+(g)”The Medal”, “Transit Art Spase“,Stavanger, Norway
10.12.2005 (v)+(g) “Boxing” ,”We are the artist” K-3 Ptoject space, ZH, CH
01.12.2005 (v)+(g) Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Festival Europalia Russia, Gent, Belgium
01.12.2005 (p) “Waltz at Miami”, Gallery Schroeder Romeo”/NY, NADA Art Fair, Miami Beach
24.09.2005 (p)+(e) “Boxing”, XL-Project, Moscow
16.09.2005 (v)+(g) “Russia Redux”, Gallery Schroeder Romero, NY
16.06.2005 (g)+(f)+(p) 2nd Praguebiennale, Prague
21.05.2005 (g)+(pr)+(p) “Red Shelter”, “The politics of Care” Whitney Museum, NY
17.05.2005 (painting) Exhibition “Play boy show”, Art Moscow 2005
17.05.2005 (photo) gallery Karin Sachs (Wienna), art Moscow 2005
27.04.2005 (e)+(p) Gallery Karin Sachs, Art Vienna
26.03.2005 (a)+(e) Live concert XL gallery, Moscow
31.01.2005 (g)+(p) “Legal Prostitution in Russia”, Museum of Modern Art, 1st Moscow Biennale, Moscow
29.01.2005 (g)+(v) “The Medal”, “No comment”, 1st Moscow Biennale, Moscow
20.11.2004(g)+(v) “Walse” , “The seven sins”, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana
07.09.2004 (g)+(p) “Palace”, “Orient inn” Palazzo Pfafava, Venice 
08.08-15.08.2004 (a) Rohrkunstbau, Dresden
25.07.2004 (g)+(v) „Walse“ Sommerfrische, “Kunstlervideos mit Esprit“, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg
20.06.2004 (g) „Bahnhof Belarusskij“ (v), IFA Gallery, Stuttgart
01.07.-15.07.2004 (a) Redefining Action, Summer Scene, International Performing Art Festival, Salzburg
27.05.2004 (e) “Priwet, Moskva!” (pr), Francia Gallery, Moscow 
26.05.2004 (g)+(v)+(f) “Priwet, NY!”, Apex Art Gallery, NY
8.08-15.08.2004 (a) Rohrkunstbau, Dresden
01.07.-15.07.2004 (a) Redefining Action, Summer Scene, International Performing Art Festival, Salzburg
17.05.2004 (p)+(e) “Chapel”, Kuenstler Haus Boswil, CH
29.04.2004 (p) “Tea ceremony”, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
02.02-03. 02. 2004 (p)+(e) Theater of the homeless youth”, DOC Theater, Moscow
29.01.2004 (v) Personal presentation at the National Tretjakov Gallery, Moscow
21.11.2003 (e) “Attacking Poetry”, Paula Boettcher Gallery, Berlin
31.10-02.11.2003 (a) “Kidnapping of an assistant”, Art with out Crime, Hebbel Theater, Berlin
20.10.2003 (v) “Belorusskij Train Station”, IFA Gallery, Berlin
30.10.2003 Presentation of the “Red Shelter” book at the Academie Schloss Solitude, Stutgart
30.09.-04.10.2003 “Performance”, Theater of the homeless youth, Berliner Festspiele, Berlin
04.08.2003 (p) “Judith”, Kulturtreppe Schoenebuehl, CH
3.07.2003 (p) “The Medal”, Auswaertiges Amt, Berlin
24. 06. 2003 (pr) „Domophone“, 1st Praguebiennale, Prague
21. 06.2003 (p) „Looking for an ideal“ , Class of the prof. Rebecca Horn, UdK, Berlin
21.05.2003 (p) „Do it yourself“, Contemporary Art Museum, Belgrade 
31. 04.2003 (v) „Shooting Gallery“, Schloss Solitude project space, Stutgart 
7.02.2003 (g) + (pr) “Gosstop”, Class Rebecca Horn, Stiftung Starke, Berlin
1.02.2003 (p) “Lecture”, Museum of the Communications, Berlin (together with Petr Bystrov)
30.01.2003 (e) + (p) “Red Shelter”, Gallery K&S;, 
4.-25.01.2003 Series of performances held together with the “Radek Community” group, Berlin
19.12. 2002 (p) “Walse”, Foundation Cartier, Paris
14.11.2002 (e)+(p) “Committee Red Shelter”, Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart 
2.11.2002 (p) “Edoki kartofelja”, Mucha Club, Moscow
26.10.2002 (g) + (p), “Tea ceremony”, Zverev Center of the Contemporary Art, Moscow
15. 09. 2002 (p) “Pincode”, “100 percents of vision”, Regina Gallery
8.-10.09. 2002 (p) “Pincode”, Ujazdowsky Castle, Warsaw
23. 09. 2002 (g) + (p) “Where their parents are?”, Paula Boettcher Gallery, Art Forum Berlin
15.09. 2002 (p) “Walse“, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin
31.08.-15.09.02 (pr) “Neighbors”, Berliner Festwochen, Berlin
11.07.2002 (g) + (i) “State children”, “Rodina”, Maliy Manege, Moscow 
8.07.2002 (a) “Komendantskij tschas“, Moscow
6.07.2002. (e) + (p) , “Red Shelter”, Museum of the Revolution History, St. Petersburg
4. 06. 2002 (g) + (pr) “Gosstop”, “Europa”, Sacharov Museum, Moscow 
2. 07. 2002 (p) “Do it yourself”, K-4 Gallery, Ljubljana, SLO
29. 06. 2002 (p) “Character”, Schloss Solitude, Stutgart
28. 06.2002 (p) “Character”, “Ostensive”, Culture Institute, Berlin
23.06.2002. (p) “Shooting gallery”, “Deconstruction”, Cetinie Biennale, Montenegro 
18.06.2002 (g) + (p) “Shooting gallery”, “Davaj! Russian Art now”, MAK, Vienna
14. 06. 2002 (p) “Target”, Class of the prof. Rebecca Horn, UdK, Berlin
11.05.2002 (p) “A sight from outside”, Marina Sandmann Gallery, Berlin
28. 03. 2002 (p) “Parfume of Ideology”, “Sozart“, University Basel Art Space, CH
26. 03. 2002 (p) “Game”, DADA Haus, Zurich, CH
23.02.2002 (pr) “Fictive Actions”, “State children”, Volksbank, Berlin
.22.01.2002 (pr) “Gosstop”, “Female sight”, National Tretjakow Gallery, Moscow
9. 01. 2002 (g) “Davaj! Russian Art now”, Postfuhramt, Berlin
8. 01. 2002 (e) “Gosstop”, Luna International Gallery, Berlin
8.01. 2002 (p) “Gosstop”, Check Point Charly, Berlin
15.12.2001 (p) “Parfume of the Ideology”, Marina Sandmann Gallery, Berlin 
8.12.2001 (p) “Shooting gallery” Club of the Polish losers, Berlin
25.11.2001 (pr) “Sickness from the East”, ULIZA OGI Gallery, Moscow
23.11.2001 (e) RA Gallery, Kiev, UA
30.10.2001- (p) “On the other side of the principle of enjoyment”, Gorky Park Cafe, Berlin 
3.10.2001 (p) “Walse“, Robert Rauschenberg, Volker und Freunde, Berlin
4.09.2001 (e) “Emotion” + (p) “Love. Opposition. Cool”, Guardini Stiftung, Berlin
31.08.-15.09.01 (pr) “Killer agency”, seminar at the Goethe Institute, Linz / Karlsruhe / Cologne / Berlin / Sant-Augustin 
24.08.01 (p) “Elections of the President of the Universe”, Performance Festival, Schloss Broellin, Germany
22.07.01 (p) “Extreme right–left”, UdK Berlin, Class of the prof. Rebecca Horn
22.06.01 (p) “Walse”, Class of the prof. Rebecca Horn, UdK Berlin 
15.06.2001 (pr) “Visiting a fairy tale”, Art Kiev 2001, Kiev UA
12.06.2001 (pr) “Contrast”, ESCAPE Gallery, Moscow
30.05.-2.06.01 (p) “I shot in Guelman”, within the Andy Warhol week, Hotel Marriott, Moscow
17.05.2001 (p) “The Babylon Tower”, “Line”, Samara Art Museum, RUS 
15.05.2001 (p) “Memory”, L-Gallery, Moscow
28.04.2001 (a) “New Eschatology“, „Dolly in the country of miracles”, Kabakov studio, Moscow
27.04.2001 (p) “The Swiss groom”, L-Gallery, Moscow
23.04.2001 (pr) “Ludmila Putina and Princess Victoria’s meeting “, “Partnership for the sake of art”,
Art Moscow, Central House of Artist
15.04.2001 (p) “An instinct of parents”, Regina Gallery, Moscow
04.2001 (p) “Pay-desk”, Ulitza OGI Gallery, Moscow 
14.03.2001 (p) “The Babylon tower”, “Station East”, Festival of the Judish Culture, Judish Culture Centre, Moscow
25.02.2001 (p) Kazimir Malewitsch, Culture Centre “Dom”, Moscow 
23.02.2001. (e) “Heroines from the East”, Guelman Gallery, Moskau 
11.11.2000 (p) “A moment of glory”, “Et cetera” theater, Moscow
19.10. 2000 (i) “Rescue my soul”, “Sea”, International Forum of the Modern Art, Sotchi RUS
17.10. 2000 (p) “Rescue my soul”, “Sea” International Forum of Modern Art “Sea”, Sotchi.
4.09.-11.09.00 (p) “Participle” and “Kidnapping (abduction) of Europe”, “Paradis Zero”, Central Cathedral, Uppsala, Sweden
8.09.00 (p) “Heroines from the East”, exhibition of the artistic magazines Beaux Arte, de la Vila Museum, Paris
27.08.00 (p) “News”, International Performance Festival, Bolshoi Manege, St. Petersburg 
30 07.00 (p) “An easy supper”, street art festival, Moscow (with M.Iljukhin)
28.07.00 (p) “Overlooked (forgotten) things” at the Yaroslavl train station, street art festival, Moscow
26.07.00 (p) “Indulgence to the whims”, street art festival, Maneschnaja Square, Moscow
25.06.00 (g) “Glossy cover”, Maliy Manege, Moscow
17.06.-20.06.00 (g) “Information”, International festival of the Modern Art, Chagall Museum, Vitebsk
06.04.2000 (p) „Do it yourself!“ Zverev Center of the Comtemporary Art, Moscow
14.02.2000 (i) “Freedom for Butterflies”, Contemporary Art Institute, Moscow
20.01.2000 (p) “Heroes from the East”, Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
07.01.2000 (p) “Absence of a Hero”, Zverev Center of the contemporary art, Moscow
06.01.2000 (p) “Absence of a Hero”, A-3 Gallery, Moscow
12.11.99 (p) “The Babylon Tower”, Theater Campanor, Sontjago-de-Kampastella
06.11.99 (p) “The Babylon Tower”, Diaspora Art festival, Ovjedo, Spain
23.10.99 (e) “Visiting a fairy tale”, 21 Gallery, St. Petersburg
15.10.99 (p) “Medusas”, Feminist summer school, Crimea, Foros
23.09.-07.10.99 (f) “Butterfly”, video art workshop, Center of the Modern Art, Kiev
16.09.99 (p) “James Joyce”, „Holiday Blum day”, OGI Club , Moscow
08.09.99 (p) „Endocrine glands”, Culture centre “Dom”, Moscow 
27.08.99 (p) “Endocrine glands”, Tzarskoe Selo 
17.07.99 (i) “To the future”, “The borders of Gender”, 21 Gallery, St. Petersburg
15.07. 99 (i) „Visiting a fairy tale”, ACT-99, Center of the Modern Art, Moscow
07.07.99 (i) “To the future”, ACT-99, Kunsthalle Steyer, Austria 
04.06.99 (i) “Muses”, “Pushkin: born, married, fell in love”, Zverev Center of the contemporary art, Moscow
24.05.99 (p) Green Apples, Erewan, Armenia 15.04.99 (i) “Love is a male discourse”, Festival of the Modern Art, Minsk, Belarus
04.03.99 (i) “To the future”; “The last generation”, Spider and Mouse Gallery, Moscow